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This post is quick guide to help you understand common Law of Assumption Terms:

  1. Wavering- consistently thinking or dwelling on thoughts that are against your manifestation! This doesn't mean 1 negative thought and your manifestation is ruined! It's the consistent dwelling on the opposite that's considered wavering.

  2. 3D- your physical reality.

  3. 4D- your imagination.

  4. Living From The End- thinking from the view point of already having what you want aka thinking as if what you desire is already true!

  5. SP- specific person.

  6. Victim Mentality- being in a mindset that puts you in a disempowered state as opposed to a mindset that realizes you have power over the circumstances of your life

  7. Revision- the act of changing the outcome of an event in your life by imagining it going in your favor!

  8. Self Concept- how you subconsciously view yourself as it pertains to different areas of life! It's the conception of self.

  9. Affirmations- your thoughts. Although it's commonly thought of as a technique, it's not. They're your thoughts. To affirm something means to continually and repetitively think something!

  10. Vain Affirmations- when you affirm for something you desire and then go and think against it.

  11. Robotic Affirmations- repetitively saying affirmations over and over without putting too much focus on it.

  12. Askformations- affirmations stated in the form of a question.

  13. Subliminals- audio tracks that have affirmations in them but you can't hear them. The purpose is so that the affirmations slip past your conscious mind and go into your subconscious mind.

  14. Sleep Affirmation Tapes- 4-8 hour audio tracks with affirmations that you sleep to at night (you can also listen to them throughout the day)

  15. Purge/Purging- all your old negative thoughts coming to the surface of your awareness to be put out!

  16. Inner conversations- when done as a technique, inner conversations are a short repeated mental conversation between you and another person from the premise of your desire already being true.

  17. Birds Before Land (BBL)- signs that your manifestation is showing up in your physical reality!

  18. Circumstances Don't Matter- when you're affirming (without wavering) your world will rearrange itself to match your conception of it! So if you're affirming for money, even though you may be broke in your current circumstances, if you persist in it, your reality will shift to match what you've been affirming. Therefore the circumstance doesn't matter.

  19. Everyone Is You Pushed Out- the people in YOUR reality show up as "messengers" to reflect who you are being/seeing yourself as. When you change, the people around you/that show up in your reality change! It's your awareness of who you are being "pushed out" and reflected back to you!

  20. Mirror Work- the act of saying your affirmations in the mirror!

  21. Persisting- Continually thinking as if your manifestation is now true, regardless of what you see!

  22. Letting Go- cease/stop worrying about when and how your manifestation will show up or work. It's not the job of the conscious mind to figure that out and you couldn't figure that out anyways so it's a waste of mental energy! It doesn't mean to forget your manifestation or "give it up to the universe"

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