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AFFORMATIONS are one of the most powerful and effective ways to affirm when manifesting. AFFORMATIONS are basically affirmations but in the form of a question. Often times when people do regular affirmations they're met with resistance or there's space for that little voice to say that what you're affirming isn't true. So if you relate to that experience here's a little tweak you can do to get rid of that resistance. Frame your affirmations as questions. So for example instead of saying "I am Rich" you would say "why am I so rich". This works because our brains are naturally wired to answer questions. Not only that but when we question something, it implies something is already true. So when you say "why am I so rich" you're implying that you're already rich and you are essentially employing your subconscious to go find and show you the evidence that proves why what you said is true. Since our minds are naturally wired to do this, you are basically hacking the process of manifestation. Why did you easily grasp this concept and see rapid success when applying it? See what I did there? I know you guys enjoy these short articles and I look forward to building an amazing community with you guys!

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Erykah Lewis
Erykah Lewis
Sep 26, 2022

I’ll try this. I’ve been persistent with my mental diet, listening to Binurals and overnight affirmations, working on SC with a few SP affirmations, but as time goes on I feel frustrated lol. Not because of doubt or because of time, but I just ✨feel✨ Frustrated because Of the purge nightmares that happen every once in a while. So, I’ll try AFFORMATIONS 😅

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