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I notice that a lot of people are literally shaking in their boots when it comes to negative thoughts and that used to be me at one point in time. Even before manifesting, but it seems that with manifesting it's gotten worse for some people because they think that their negative thoughts will keep manifesting if they don't block them out. I'm not sure where I got the idea from but when I first began with Law of Assumption, I would find a place in my house that was completely dark and completely quiet. I would then set a timer for anywhere from 5-15 minutes and literally just sit with my thoughts. No distractions, nothing to stimulate me but my mind. With doing this, I learned how to become an observer of my thoughts rather than a participant in them. I also noticed once you get passed the distractions, I would that sometimes notice a very still voice that I would bet my life on is God which some people would call their higher self, or their spirit guides, would start giving me information that I needed to know. When I would do these meditations I would always get a great idea or an answer to a question I've had. I knew it was real because there wouldn't be a single doubt to cross my mind when I received this information. it was like a complete feeling of just knowing something. I encourage you guys to try this and add it to your daily routines and see what happens for you !

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