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Once upon a time, I used to think life was all happening by chance and I had 0 say or control in what happened in my life. This lead me to believe I was a victim of some cruel God or circumstances. Feeling this way resulted in self sabotaging behaviors that ultimately lead to a severe depression. I was 21 years old, living in South Florida and trying to become successful. I was tired of being broke and not having enough money so I was deciding to make a change. I started applying for jobs and planned on having 2 jobs for a span of time so I could bring more money into my life. At the time, I didn't know I was trying to force things into my life. I never liked working 9-5 jobs and for me to go and get 2 jobs was basically spiritual suicide. I did it anyways, had 2 jobs and it was exciting for a little bit but one day after a series of circumstances (my car breaking down multiple times, hating waking up for work, mental health being in the gutter, living in a 1 bedroom apartment with my best friend) I had to ask myself "is this really how you want to live?" The honest answer was FUCK NO, so I called out to God and asked for help. Shortly after doing this more circumstances occurred that made me think maybe God isn't real or just didn't listen. However, he answered my prayer in a way that I didn't know at the time. I was watching youtube one day and I saw a recommended video called "I Remember When Technique- Neville Goddard" and I clicked on it. I watched it and heard this lady's success story about how she manifested an apartment doing this. Which I saw as no coincidence because I was working and doing all these things to try and get an apartment. So I applied the technique by saying "I remember when I moved into my apartment". I said It once and thought nothing of it. Then what happened from then on was basically what I know now to be the "bridge of incidents" but at the time I just thought I did some kind of curse on myself LMAOO. My car broke down again, I dropped out of the school I was going to, I quit my jobs, and I was under the influence more than ever in my life. These events forced me to move out of South Florida and go back to live with my parents. When I moved in with my parents I was forced to deal with myself for the first time in my life. I knew nothing about manifestation at the time but I was always the type of person to write out my goals and journal. I started journalling about my pain, forgiving myself/others, and things I wanted to have or experience. I even wrote down the kind of relationship partner that I wanted because a book I was reading was saying this helped you know exactly what you're looking for in a partner. So I wrote that and plastered it on my wall with my goals as well and I decided I would read them when I wake up and before I went to sleep. These papers were across from my bed so I would also read them as I was going to sleep and as I woke up just for fun. I didn't know that my brain was in theta wave state and this was helping me manifest a new life. One day, out of the blue I woke up and knew exactly how to make $400 a day. I don't know how but it's as if the steps were laid out right in front of me as clear as day! So I followed the steps and a week or so later I was making anywhere from $100-400 a day without having to work or sell anything illegal. From that time to a month later I had met the person who fit my list, I made enough money to have an apartment in Miami, and me and this person were already planning moving in together. Needless to say, all of these things manifested fully and I had no clue how it worked or that it was the Law of Assumption at work. I was now living the goal that I had 3 months prior. I wanted to have an apartment in South Florida and be able to share the experience with a partner and my friends. After all these events I was finally living it, I had the dopest apartment (LED Lights, Playing PS4 on a Projector, Custom Designed the Bathroom, A Balcony connected to my room that was right above the pool and had an amazing view to wake up to, Posters all over the wall, etc.) Me and my person were having the time of our lives going anywhere and everywhere. We were going to new restaurants, staying at hotels just for fun, going to festivals, the beach, and bars! It was such an amazing time and looking back on it, it's what helps me keep faith in the things I manifest now. Always going back to that process and replicating it and even trusting that the unfavorable circumstances were working in my favor. Like if I never had to leave South Florida, I'd probably never use the methods I did or thought of the idea to make the $. If I would've kept trying it my way, I would've been burnt out and still trying to make it happen. Long story short, God exposing me to the Law of Assumption, changed my life and it can change yours. I intend that this story helps you keep faith and even replicate this process in your own manifestations!

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